You have until March 20th 2016 to redeem your 2014 points.

Q: Whose Massy Card points are going to expire?
A: All Primary Massy Card holders’ points are subject to expiry. Secondary Card holders don’t retain any earned points as they roll up immediately to their associated Primary Card holder. Therefore their points are included with the Primary Card holder’s points and are subject to expiry as part of that total points balance.

Q: When are Massy Card points going to expire?
A: After Massy Stores locations close on Sunday 20th March 2016, certain Massy Card points will expire.

Q: Which of my points will expire on that day?
A: Your remaining 2014 points that have not been used. Your remaining 2015 points if they are less than 400.

Q: So what points will I have on Monday 21st March 2016?
A: Your remaining 2015 points if it is 400 points or more. Your unredeemed 2016 points.

Q: How do I determine which of my points are subject to expiry?
A: Your total points balance is comprised of points from 2014, 2015 and 2016 (to date). There are several ways to determine your total points balance and / or your points balance breakdown by year:

  • Bottom of your Massy Stores Bill (Total points balance only)
  • Scan your Massy Card at a Price Checker in one of our Massy Stores locations (Price Checkers not available in Point Fortin, Maraval Express, Crews Inn stores)
  • Download the Massy Card or Massy Stores App
  • Ask a Massy Card Representative in one of the Program’s participating locations
  • View your points online
  • Call the Massy Card Call Centre at 609-CARD (609-2273)
  • E-mail us at

Q: How do I view my points online?

  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign Up
  3. Select Activate your online account
  4. Enter the information requested:
    • Card number
    • Date of Birth
    • First and Last Name
  5. Select Activate Account
  6. Enter your email address and password
  7. Select Activate

Q: If I have points that are going to expire, what can I do?
A: Once you have a combined points’ balance of 400 points or more, you should redeem the
points that are subject to expiry by Sunday 20th March 2016 using any of the redemption options
available to you:

  • At a Massy Stores checkout, using the new Pay with Points feature of Massy Card
  • At a Massy Stores Customer Service Desk, where you can request a physical gift,
    Massy Stores Vouchers, CAL Miles, RIK Certificates, Bluegrass Certificates
  • At Massy Motors, Massy ACL or Massy United Insurance to pay for part or all of your
  • By e-mailing us at to request the redemption of your points for CAL miles.

Q: Can I redeem using my 2014, 2015 and 2016 points combined?
A: Yes, you can

Q: I am a Primary Card Holder and I have had multiple Cards since the start of the Massy
Card program. Does that affect the points that will expire and the points I will retain?

A: No. At any given time, only one of your Massy Cards will be active and it will have all of your
points which are subject to expiry and retention as outlined above.