Lab Medica Group Benefits

All Massy employees with a Massy Card are entitled to these benefits at the Lab Medica group.

How to access benefits:

  • Ensure your HR representative submitted your name and dependents’ names to Massy Card for submission to Lab Medica Group.
  • Walk with your Massy Card to any of the locations listed below
  • Lab Medica will look for your name and/or dependents’ names on the database we provide so your dependents can access these discounts even if you are not with them at the time of the visit

Who qualifies as your dependent?

  • Spouse/Partner
  • Children 23 and under living at home
  • Parents of the Massy Employee with a Massy Card

Doctors’ Visits – 10%

Clinical Care (ECG, Dressings, IV Fluids, Vaccines, Injections, Nebulizer,  etc)      – 10%     

Lab test in house – 20%

Same Day Surgery – Theatre, Room and Board  – 3%
Same Day Surgery – Drugs & Consumable  – 3%             

Dental Basic – 10%

Endoscopy , Colonoscopy , Colon Cancer Screening – 5%

Dental Complex – 5%

Wound Card, Foot Ulcers , Varicose Veins Treatment – 5%

Specialist Services – 5%

Ultrasound – 5%

Dietician and Nutritionist – 5%        

Sleep Apnea – 10%

Physiotherapy – 5%


HealthNet Caribbean Limited
Corner Warner and Picton Streets
Port of Spain
Tel: 290-1261/1257

HealthNet Caribbean Limited
112 Eastern Main Road
Tel: 285-4635/ 4642

HealthNet Caribbean Limited
JTA Complex
Isaac Junction
Tel: 285-4641/ 4643

HealthNet Caribbean Limited
449 Munroe Road

Tel: 285-4625/ 4637

CentraMed Surgical and Endoscopy Centre Limited
Cor Rustum Street & Caroni Savannah Road
Tel: 290-1265/ 1266

South Coast Medical Centre Limited
37-39 Princess Margaret Street
San Fernando
Tel: 285-7262/ 290-7262

Lab Medica Laboratory
69-71 Point a Pierre Road
San Fernando
Tel: 652-4947 / 653-1409

Lab Medica Laboratory
91 Eastern Main Road
St Augustine
Tel: 663-7635

Lab Medica Laboratory
LP13 Caroni Savannah Road
Tel: 671-4419

What can I redeem?

  • Massy Vouchers for the purchase of groceries, pharmaceutical items, and small appliances
  • Vouchers for RIK
  • Vouchers for Bluegrass
  • Caribbean Airlines Miles
  • Gifts from the Massy Card Catalogue
  • New and pre-owned vehicles
  • Vehicle spare parts
  • Service
  • Vehicle rentals at National Car Rentals and Alamo Rent a Car
  • Gifts from the Massy Card Catalogue
  • Coming soon…

Where can I redeem my points?
At all Massy Stores and Massy Motors outlets nationwide, click here to view the locations for the stores and showrooms.

How can I earn bonus points and double points?
Each participating Massy merchant will run special promotions during the year, for example, double points on a Wednesday at Massy Stores. Also, both primary and secondary cardholders can get double points on their birthdays at Massy Stores and Massy Motors.

How soon can I use my points after I earn them?
Your points from all your purchases at participating Massy merchants will be available to you within 24 hours except for double points on birthdays which may take up to 48 hours.

Where can I get a Massy Card Catalogue?
The Catalogue is published once a year and will be available at all participating Massy merchants.

Do I need a minimum number of points before I can redeem?
Yes. You must have at least 400 Massy points in order to redeem.

Is there a ceiling for my points, do I have to redeem when I reach a certain amount?
No, you can earn as much points as you want.

Do I have to present my Massy Card when redeeming points?
Yes you must present your Massy Card to get the number of your account. You also need to show ID so we can ensure you are the person redeeming your points.

If my Card is lost or stolen can someone else redeem my points?
To redeem points, ID must be shown to verify the redeemer is the card holder.

If my Card is lost or stolen how do I get a new one and is there a cost?
There is no fee to replace a lost or stolen card. If this happens immediately contact one of our Massy Card Representatives in-store or the Massy Card Centre at 609.CARD (2273) and they will assist you.

Where can I view my points balance?
Your points tally will be available for viewing on all Massy Stores receipts, online at and using the Massy App.

Where can I get the Massy App?
At the Google Play Store™ and the Apple App Store™ (available July 31st, 2014).

When do the Massy Card points expire?
Points expire by March 31st of the following year.

What is the fee for the Massy Card?
There is no fee.

Who is eligible to get discounts when using their Massy Card?
Employees of the Massy Group are eligible for special discounts at selected participating Massy merchants. Registered TTARP members are eligible for discounts at Massy Stores only. Secondary cardholders are eligible for the same discount as their associated primary account at Massy Stores only.

Can I get a discount and get points on the same purchase?
Cardholders who get discounts will receive points based on the qualifying value of the purchase.

Who can be contacted for more information?
Any Massy Card Representative at the Massy Card Centre at 609.CARD (2273) or at the participating Massy merchants.