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Massy Stores and our Massy Card Partners
The Massy Card is free and many of the great previous loyalty card features and benefits remain; such as earning points on every transaction; using points to purchase groceries at any Massy Stores; or redeeming points for Massy gift vouchers to purchase goods and services at our many participating partners. With your Massy Card you can keep up-to-date with your Massy Points balance and receive alerts on exclusive offers direct to your phone with the Massy Card Mobile App.

We’re pleased to announce that in the coming months there will be many more rewards coming your way, including faster and more flexible options for redeeming your rewards.

Whether you are a new or an existing customer, the process towards obtaining your new Massy Card is very simple.

What will happen to my points on my Current Massy Stores Card?
If you are an existing card holder, your current points on each card will be transferred to your new Massy Card once the account is activated. Therefore, please indicate to Customer Service which loyalty cards you currently have at the time of registration.

What is required for Registration?
You are required to provide the following information:

Why am I issued a Massy Card (key ring) upon registration?
The Massy Card (key ring) is issued to you to allow you to earn points while you shop at Massy Stores and Massy Card Partners, until you receive your personalized Massy Card, which takes up to two weeks to be ready after activation of your Massy Card (key ring).
However, you must activate the Massy Card (key ring) in order for a personalized card to be issued to you later.

How do I activate my Massy Card (key ring)?
You can activate your Massy Card (key ring), when you register at the Customer Service Desk at Massy Stores. During this time let us know whether you would like to receive information on promotions, specials and partner offers via email and other information channels. 

What is a personalized Massy Card and when will I receive?
Your personalized Massy Card is unique to you as it will have your name on it. The card will also have the same number as your Massy Card (key ring) which you will continue to use. The card should be ready for collection from the store you selected as pick up location three weeks after you have activated your Massy Card (key ring). Please walk with a valid photo ID for collection.

Can you have a joint Massy Card?
Yes, you can. Joint cards are perfect for households where more than one person shops for groceries. Here’s how it

How can I redeem my Massy Card Points?
Once you have accumulated a minimum of 500 points which equivalent to $5.00, you can begin to redeem your points. You can redeem your points using both the Massy Card (key ring) and your personalized Massy Card, however, a valid photo ID will be required at the time of redemption.

Points redemption can occur in the following ways:

Do Massy Points expire?
Yes. Unused Massy Points do expire. That is an account with points, which shows no activity or is not being used for one year will expire.

If I forget my Massy Card when I purchased good, can I get my points later?
This will not be possible. Massy Points are awarded only at the time of purchase when your card is scanned.

I lost my card how can I get a new one and is there a fee?
Yes, you can get a replacement card from any Massy Stores at a replacement fee of EC$5.00.

What happens to my Massy Points if I return an item?
You earn Massy Points when you purchase products. Therefore, when you return an item, your Massy Card will be
scanned in order for the Massy Points which you earned to be deducted from the points balance on your account.

Where is the Massy Card accepted?
The Massy Card is accepted at all Massy Stores and participating Massy Card Partners.

 Can I use my Massy Card in any Caribbean country?
You can use your Massy Card to EARN Massy Points in any of the 5 countries where the Massy card is accepted.
Guyana | Trinidad | Barbados | St. Lucia | St. Vincent

How does Regional Roaming work?
If you have a Massy Card issued to you in any of our five (5) countries, you can EARN Massy Points when you shop at any Massy Stores location. 
You earn points at the rate of that country (e.g. Guyana)
Your points will be reflected on your account in the value and point structure of your home country (e.g. St. Vincent)

How will the cashier know where I am from?
Your Massy Card will allow you to earn points just like the locals.  The cashier will simply swipe the card like any other locally issued Massy Card, and your points will be credited on your Loyalty account.

What if the earning rate is lower/higher in the country I am visiting?
Once you use your Massy Card you will earn at the rate of points for the country and the location which you are swiping at.
On your account the points will be reflected in your home currency and points structure.

What will my receipt say when I am earning points in another country?
Your Massy Stores receipt will look just like the receipts for that location.  There will be no differentiator in the receipts, however your receipt should bear your name and your Loyalty number.

I have a Credit + Loyalty card, will this work?
Yes.  For our Barbadian card holders with Massy Card Credit + Loyalty card, you will be able to earn Loyalty points ONLY on your card.  You will not be able to use the card to pay for your purchases.

I have returned home, and I do not see my points on my account, who do I contact?
Your Massy Points will be reflected on your account within 48hrs.  However, if you need to query your Loyalty account please contact your local Customer Service team.

Do I need to notify Massy Card when I am travelling?
No.  Your Massy Card is ready to EARN regionally at all times.  Just travel, visit Massy Stores, and SWIPE, EARN & SAVE


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